We met three years ago at college in English class and all the girls were smitten by him. I thought he was arrogant, a total ladies-man but he had no interest in the other girls, except me. This was so strange because I was so different from the other girls. I was laid-back, and very reserved, unlike the girls in my English class. They were all really nice but they seemed to only care about two things, themselves and how they looked. I guess you could say I felt smaller than them since they thought so highly of themselves. Anyway, Kenny was always dressed so nice, dark business-like clothes and nice dressy shoes. He would wear nice dark grey or black sweaters, and always looked clean cut. I intimidated him and I noticed he would freeze up when I would look his way or ask him something that had to do with the latest assignment. He seemed so shy when it came to me and him interacting one way or another. Inside I knew how attractive he was with his jet black hair falling into his face enhancing his dark brown beautiful eyes. I am not sure why I wanted to deny the feelings I had but I am pretty sure it was because all of the other girls were swooning over him. One day in class, my friend Daniel was asking me a question and I thought it was Kenny who had called my name so I looked in his direction and he was already looking at me so then i really thought he called my name. I did a double take because I wasn't sure if my friend Daniel or Kenny called my name. Kenny flashed a shy smile and waved at me from across the room and I asked, "Did you call my name?" "No," he replied. I felt kind of let-down inside and turned my head to Daniel who did call my name. After that I knew I had a thing for him. We met up after class to study and he told me he was falling in love with me from a distance and wanted to learn more about me. We dated and ended up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend and now we are to be married!

We want to have a timeless wedding at Silverton Chapel, in Silverton, Colorado. The ceremony will start at 4:00 O'clock in the afternoon and will be lovely! It's only a matter of time until I take those first steps down the sanded aisle wearing my elegant white wedding dress looking at Kenny in his designer tuxedo, and that special moment where we gaze in awe at how amazing and timeless we both look.

Please join us in celebrating our new lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Brown! There will be dining, dancing, drinks, live entertainment, and a good time! Our wedding reception will be approximately one hour after our wedding and will be held at Silver Room at Silverton Resort.

For those of you who will be joining us for our romantic wedding at Silverton Chapel in Silverton, Colorado, and are traveling from afar you can book your flights and room reservations with our travel agent. To book your flights and reserve your rooms now, contact us so we can put you in touch with our travel agent.

There were so many honeymoon cruises to choose from with different honeymoon suites, different honeymoon destinations with honeymoon packages, and all inclusive honeymoon resorts with all inclusive honeymoon packages! After all the research, we finally chose one and thanks to all who helped us in finding our romantic honeymoon destination, France! We are so blessed to have friends and family supporting us and guiding us through this beautiful life. We are even more blessed to have all of you there with us sharing the special moments on our wedding day at Silverton Chapel! We are anticipating our honeymoon in France and wanted to thank all who made this possible! We love you guys! God Bless You All!!!